Promoting the Prosperity of People and Our Planet

Did you know that breadfruit has the potential to significantly help people and restore our planet? Yep! That's why Ulu Foods supports breadfruit tree planting efforts around the world by donating a percentage of every purchase to Trees that Feed Foundation. Trees that Feed Foundation raises breadfruit trees in nurseries in countries around the world where breadfruit trees can grow, and they give them free of charge to local farmers that want to plant them in order to provide food security and income for their families.

It only takes around $15 to plant a tree, but one tree can actually feed a whole family in poverty for up to 50 years! Pretty amazing right? For many of these smallholder farmers, the income from one tree can provide up to 25% of their annual income every year. That money can pay for critical things like education and healthcare. Also, every tree that we plant is reducing carbon in the atmosphere which means we get to be part of the solution to global warming, including being one of the only truly carbon neutral snack companies that exists today.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that you can have nutritious and delicious grain free foods made from a superfruit, provide food and income for hungry families all over the world and do your part for the environment just by purchasing our products! Talk about a true superfruit eh?? Still want to know more? Read more about Trees that Feed Foundation.