In March of 2020, the life of Courtney Mills, founder of Ulu Foods, changed dramatically. At the time the pandemic hit, Courtney and her family were living in Barbados. They were living a grain free lifestyle due to the allergies and autoimmune conditions of her young children. Courtney was relying on importing foods from the United States and finding specialty items in the local supermarkets to meet her kids’ nutritional needs until Barbados went into lock down, and all flights came to a halt and local supermarkets were closed for nearly a month!

Desperate for a food solution, Courtney started looking at what was growing wild in the areas near her home and found the incredible ‘Ulu fruit, also known as Breadfruit by the locals. She started experimenting with making grain free bread substitutes out of the fruit and was amazed by the fruit’s versatility and also how much her children loved the products it could make. Convinced that this fruit needed to be shared with the world, Courtney partnered with Sunbury Harvest, a local farm in Barbados that sells sweet potatoes, cassava and breadfruit, to build a new commercial kitchen and convert an existing sweet potato factory to a breadfruit factory. Now, Courtney and her amazing team are working hard to bring the grain free goodness of the island of Barbados to homes all over the world.